Hi, my name is Tom Lami, son of Gene Lami and nephew of Vince Lami. I recently started Stauter-Built Boats Inc. I have worked for my dad and uncles most of my life. I started sweeping the floors of Lami Brothers Cabinets and finished as one of only three employees to have built, painted, and rigged a Stauter-Built Boat from start to finish. I am honored to begin this branch of a Mobile area tradition and wooden boat legacy that has been in the Lami family since 1979. I left the business to serve in the military for the past 24 years. I have taken a few jobs from my dad from time to time to satisfy my passion for wood working while still on active duty. I will retire from the service next year, so please be patient with my starting pace. In the meantime, we do have hats, t-shirts and official trademarked boat logos (proof of ownership required; please text or email). I am also proud to announce that these hand-crafted, mahogany-framed, all wooden boats will once again be available for custom order and build once I get the build shop outfitted properly. Meanwhile, please visit my FB page (Stauter-Built Boats) or contact me with any questions you may have.  For marine supplies, trailer parts & repair, and Tohatsu motors, please call 251-666-1152 or see www.stauterboats.com.

Sincerely, Tom Lami

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